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Corporate Films

Together our team have more than forty years and counting of experience, making news, current affairs and documentaries for top British and global broadcasters.

We’re experts at producing broadcast-quality video.

Our experience in storytelling and making even the most complex ideas simple can help you communicate with your customers in a way that makes them care about your organisation.

Media Training

We’ll work with you to create bespoke workshops and strategy sessions built around your specific goals.

Our coaching is delivered not by ex-journalists but by those still in the hot seat.

We’ve got twenty years experience and counting in asking the tough questions.

And we’re in the business of helping you build genuine, scandal proof relationships with your audience.

Commercial Content

Our creative partners Leap
Productions are experts in delivering commercial TV content.

Fixing and production managing
European shoots for some of the world’s most popular TV series.

There’s not a challenge they haven’t nuked! Whether it’s filming in a pub with the Kardashians after hours and
unplanned, or charting the rise of Extinction Rebellion.


Clanmac Media is a Creative Production company and Media Training Specialist built around a powerful, compact team of Journalists, TV Producers and Film Experts.

Our goal is your goal

We help our clients create simple, sustainable and dynamic video strategies that can be built upon year after year. Our approach gives organisations and brands creative, cost effective and repeatable production solutions that resonate with consumers.

Story Telling

As broadcast professionals we understand that standing out in the endless tsunami of daily content is an uphill battle and as producers of award winning news and TV, we know that powerful storytelling never goes out of fashion. For more than four decades we have worked to deliver amazing programmes on ever-dwindling budgets and even tighter deadlines.

Hand in hand with our partner Leap productions, our backgrounds in news, documentaries, current affairs and commercials allows us to put our well honed instincts for a story to work for you. We’re a diverse, flexible, and creative bunch and utterly passionate about telling great stories.

Real Life

For organisations, authenticity and trust have never been more important.

We’re dedicated to helping brands find their unique voice and tell the untold stories that matter.

We’re proud to put our ‘No More Robots’ Communications Training to work supporting the diversity goals of some of Britain’s biggest brands.

We believe in putting real people at the heart of every story, letting real life do the talking.

Are you looking for an alternative to the top heavy Creative Agencies?

Our film production company may be lean in size but it’s mighty in reach.

Rocket fuelled by a global team of in demand, industry veterans – journalists, storytellers, filmmakers, directors & designers & a specialist healthcare filming team.

We’re at your service minus the Big Agency Nonsense.

We’re already the creators behind the diet of TV and Radio your customers & people are consuming.

So why not ask us to meet their growing expectations and make your Brand Content?

Recent Work

World First Brain Surgery

Victoria was just 2 years old when surgeons at the Evelina Hospital in London carried out life altering brain surgery. With a gene variation causing her to move 24 hours a day, surgeons worked on their youngest ever patient to improve her quality of life. Invited by the European Paediatric Neurology Society & ITN Productions, we felt privileged and humbled to tell Victoria’s story.

Celebrating Innovation

Investigating the fascinating future of rheumatology, through a first of its kind podcast series supporting health care professionals. Dipping into the often-invisible stories of entrepreneurship behind the scenes of the rheumatology community.

Climate Emergency

A Feature Length Documentary following the rise of campaign group Extinction Rebellion. Since 2018, a campaign of civil disobedience & direct action has seen the group’s following explode. Now as they stage events across the globe, attracting hundreds of thousands of members, can they convince the rest of the world to take action against Climate Change? The open rebellion has started and a climate war has just begun. Made by Leap Productions

Scotch Whisky

A pilot for a web series around Scotch Whisky. Commissioned as branded content for Fresh TV and the Whisky Association. Made by Leap Productions


We’re a team full of different brains and diverse backgrounds, and our differences are at the heart of what make us succesful. We’re very proud to have a large number of dyslexic folks within our ranks, and we believe this makes our company that little bit brighter, more inventive and more human. We hope to be part of the change that sees neurodiversity not as a threat but as a strength. Watch Now.