Corporate Films

Together our team have more than forty years and counting of experience in making news, current affairs and documentaries for top British and global broadcasters.

We’re experts in producing broadcast-quality video.

Our experience in storytelling and making even the most complex ideas simple can help you communicate with your customers in a way that makes them care about your business.

Media Training

We’ll work with you to create bespoke workshops and strategy sessions built around your specific goals.

Our coaching is delivered not by ex-journalists but by those still in the hot seat.

We’ve got forty years experience and counting in asking the tough questions.

We’re in the business of helping you build genuine, scandal proof relationships with your audience.

Commercial Content

Our creative partners Leap
Productions are experts in delivering commercial TV content.

Fixing and production managing
European shoots for some of the world’s most popular series.

There’s not a challenge they haven’t nuked! Whether it’s filming in a pub with the Kardashians after hours and
unplanned, or charting the rise of Extinction Rebellion.

How We Work

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Our specialist filming teams

Our teams have been working across the film industry in entertainment, documentary, news and current affairs for decades.

We sometimes joke there’s not a SINGLE challenge they haven’t faced and aced!

Our specialised teams are qualified, to film in just about every corner of the globe from Hostile Environments to Oil Rigs, Medical Environments and Secure areas.


We start by listening
Understanding your needs forensically.


Recommending a suite of video content that meets your needs today and can be repurposed to solve tomorrow’s challenges.


Next we squeeze every last drop out of your budget and put it on the screen, not in our pocket.


Our Goal is YOUR Goal

To make incredible film content that solves your business problems and engages your people.


We’re looking for partners with purpose – organisations on a mission to change things for the better.

Julie MacDonald Director Clanmac Media

I love nothing more than listening to people’s stories. It’s what inspired me to become a journalist and what has afforded me the utter privilege of being invited into people’s lives through horror and sometimes celebration for the last 20 years.

Helping our clients recognise their own great stories, often right under their noses and building, powerful, simple film strategies to help them connect with people, gives me huge satisfaction.

Being a journalist in the field means being a perpetual problem solver under pressure, and it’s that strategy and logistics tussle alongside the creativity and human story that propels me out of bed in the morning. Outside of work, I’m a voracious reader who loves lifting weights and hanging out with my kids.

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Beneath Julie’s more serious broadcast persona, belies a cracking Celtic sense of humour, an addiction to plain chocolate hobnobs and a passion for telling stories.

With almost 25 years working for some of the globe’s biggest broadcasters, as a news anchor and reporter, Julie’s got a killer instinct for a story, and a belief in telling the stories that matter.

Supporting clients on a mission to make change and become thought leaders in their industries, Julie’s passion is in making corporate film, every bit as watchable and covetable as the content we devour on Netflix. Passionate about supercharging diversity in the workplace, Julie’s ‘No More Robots’ Communications Training is underpinning the work of some of the world’s most important institutions.

Julie continues to be the person on the bus and on the tube striking up conversations with strangers, and stuffing her zest for learning and life into every project.

Jeff Emerson
Creative Director Leap Productions

“I picked up my first camera at the age of 12 and knew immediately that I had in my hands, the tool that I needed to tell stories – and I had the need to tell stories. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to not only tell my own stories but also to trusted by others to tell theirs. It is that trust that I take seriously and continuously drives me to be better as a filmmaker and a person.

That said, I often find myself paraphrasing an old friend, who once at a particularly tricky moment on a difficult shoot shouted “Just remember, we’re in the fun business’.  

And we are.  

Filmmaking is one of the toughest team ’sports’ there is but let’s be honest, it’s great fun. At that moment that you realise what you are making is special, well, that’s the motivation”

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‘Direct, unflappable and full of bounce and creativty’ is how we describe Jeff. With a wealth of experience managing big-brand creative; making beautiful pictures and making ‘the ordinary’ into the extraordinary through film. His energy and technical ability mean that he pushes the boundaries and ensures our films are the most effective and captivating they can be.

Commercially Jeff has produced and directed a broad range of brand ad campaigns, for various media platforms from TV to internet and mobile campaigns.

In Jan 2016 Jeff produced and directed the BBC2/Netflix TV series “The Retreat with Nick Knowles”, in which a diverse group including a taxi driver and a police officer undergo an intense detox and healing programme on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Following on from the success of The Retreat, Jeff has been busy producing and directing a new TV series “The Reluctant Hippy” featuring British presenter Nick Knowles traveling around the world in search of alternative well being techniques.

Our Partner - Leap Productions

We work in partnership with London based Leap Productions taking advantage of their incredible creative skills and global footprint. Blending our skill sets across news and current affairs with theirs in entertainment, and large scale production planning and programme making we can offer our clients a lean alternative to the sometimes top heavy agencies.

We’re driven by a common goal of creating great films, on budget and on time and putting our clients money on the screen (not in our pockets). We also believe in having an awesome time in the process, treating our clients with kindness and avoiding the faff and bluster that can make the creative process more time consuming and costly than it needs to be.

We’re looking to build long term, lasting relationships with our clients, so their films bring a return on investment year after year.


We’re a team full of different brains and diverse backgrounds, and our differences are at the heart of what make us succesful. We’re very proud to have a large number of dyslexic folks within our ranks, and we believe this makes our company that little bit brighter, more inventive and more human. We hope to be part of the change that sees neurodiversity not as a threat but as a strength. Watch Now.